Calyx Garden is a brand of high potency cannabis varieties that were bred to cover a wide spectrum of highly desired traits. All of the varieties have a very unique cannabinoid ratio and terpenoid profile that were selected over many years of selective breeding with a focus on introducing beautiful, high cannabinoid flowers that have exceptional flavors and aromas. We have covered a wide spectrum ranging from Sativa dominant varieties to Indica dominant varieties that all have a unique cannabinoid ratio to cover a range of medicinally, recreationally and spiritually desired effects.

Our products are currently distributed to dispensaries throughout California. At this time we are expanding to other cannabis producers by offering several of our high grade brands and are working constantly on creating new hybrid strains which will be released in the near future.

We are now licensing the non-exclusive cultivation rights for many of our cannabis varieties. Up to 10 state licensed California producers that meet our criteria will be able to cultivate and distribute each variety. We are offering the option to have exclusive strain cultivation rights to certain varieties for a higher monthly licensing fee. Having just 10 cultivators per variety in California will prevent market over-saturation of each variety. Each license per variety covers up to 1000 square feet of cultivation area. Additional license fees are required for every additional 1000 square feet of cultivation area and will be counted toward the 10 licenses per variety so that each variety will not be cultivated in over 10,000 square feet total in California.

Monthly Licensing Fees: $100 per month per variety for up to 1000 square feet of cultivation area.
Exclusive Strain Licensing Fees: $1000 per month with no limit to the square footage the producer choses to cultivate.

How do we protect our brands from unauthorized production and our genetics from being re-named? Our lawyers have prepared the Calyx Garden Licensing Agreement that legally binds our licensed cannabis producers to abide by our regulations. We have had each strain’s genetic sequence recorded and certified by Phylos Bioscience to discourage genetic theft and to provide us with legal recourse if we should find our genetics being cultivated without a license or being renamed/rebranded. We are in the process of applying for Plant Patents for each variety which will protect the genetics of each variety. Each of our strain’s brand names has its own unique domain name and is listed with and which will ensure the ability for us to trademark the names as soon as the USPTO begins accepting cannabis related trademark applications.

Featured Strain:

Grape Calyx medical cannabis flower



Calyxir – High Quality Concentrates.

We are working with local Humboldt concentrate labs to process our trim into raw pressed Rosin and CO2 extraction Hash Oil.

Calyx Garden
Phone: 707-407-7228

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